Charlie & Jade

The inspiration for making these beautiful cotton jersey wraps came from my own experience with my daughter. She seemed to break free from every wrap I put her in and the wraps she had been given never seemed to hold her tight enough. After many sleepless nights I went and purchased my own piece of fabric which was made from stretch cotton jersey. This was the “perfect” wrap. Large enough and stretchy enough for me to make the folds where I needed them and wrap her well enough so her little hands would not creep out and wake her.

The first night she slept in the fabric I purchased, she slept all night long, which was a welcome relief for our family.

The wraps double as a fantastic pram blanket or cot blanket. All wraps come packaged  in a beautiful cotton wash bag so your wrap can be washed inside the bag, preventing pilling. The wash bags are also a handy item that can also be used to wash all those teeny tiny baby things like socks, mittens, singlets, nappy covers etc so they stay together in the wash and are also protected, ultimately lasting longer.

Our range of scarves was a very simple idea created as I was trying to breastfeed in public. I would usually just throw a plain wrap over my shoulder but it always seemed to slip and move as I had to adjust my baby. With the Charlie & Jade feeding scarves, I found the design to sit perfectly on my shoulder and it would wrap around my back also covering any "uncovered" parts. Plus, the scarves are just a perfect accessory on their own!

All of our wraps and scarves are handmade and designed with comfort and style in mind. Together with the washbag they make a beautiful gift for a first time mum.

Charlie & Jade items are all Australian made and owned.


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