Charlie & Jade

I have to say that the first few weeks of selling Charlie & Jade's wraps and feeding scarves has really surprised me! I am really grateful to all the customers who have ordered and purchased from the website and directly from me, its so nice to see everyone supporting local, home made, businesses! Its also been great to hear some of the feedback from happy customers. Very glad to hear of happy mums and babies! 


It certainly has been a very "trying" few months, with major renovations going on at our house. We are practically living in a small section of our loungeroom surrounded by boxes! There is literally dirt EVERYWHERE and my entire kitchen roof is covered in tradesmen by 7am every morning! Drills, chainsaws, dropsaws, hammers, you name it.....its making noise!


We will be heading on a much needed break to Fiji in a couple of weeks with our extended family. WE CAN'T WAIT!! So I will let you all know the dates and when I will start filling orders again.


So this was just a small note to say a huge THANK YOU to our customers so far....  big love and hugs.






Written by Toni Liddle — April 30, 2014


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